Orgasmic Storms (GANxNTP) demo

c/o Third Floor Window

Blue Colorado Butterflies (GAN demo)

Yellow (residue / redux)

GANscape 117 (artemis in the flowers)

volcano flower
Artemis (&) portrait (detail)
a beautiful forest plants mountains and flowers
woman with long hair plant growing from her back
composite of many landscape fragments
sunset moth chiaroscuro
butterfly fire explosion
embers, slow burn, river rapids, dam, hyper-realistic, (oil on canvas)
flowers in the rain
Hale-Bopp comet behind branches of trees
volcanic flower

GANscape 301 (not yet titled w/ black-to-white gradient bg)

golden phoenix wing
phoenix purple flame flower
patterns of swirling elements
Entwined lush golden and green orchids, dark shadows, oil on canvas
she's on fire And all the instruments agree that Her temperature's rising
dark witch crystal ball watercolor
yin yang planet
the most powerful dragon
purple sun
postnatural deep weather(s)
redux factum
People, Duel-Duet, Last, Foggy, Mountains, Night 1
shiny golden and marine blue orchids, some shadows

dark celestial event (GANxNTP)

(hair of) secret invisible long haired god
heart (art deco)
secret invisible gods (multi.)
sunrise horizon (january 1, 2022)
can't have a rainbow without the rain
atomic explosion (art deco)
phoenix storm (fire + creature)
thousand plateaus sunrise(s)
upside-down sunset w/ two suns
black hole sun
wickerman (running)
pregnant planet
young person with long hair and a blue rose for a face
(discursive) wave field distortion (multi.)
purple geode mouth in mountain
beach waves
earth's inner core oscillates
murmuration of galaxies
dune forest sunrise
river of stars flowing in the universe

winter landscape GAN
Winter Landscape 071622 GAN

avalanche landslide flood (multi.)
mysterious shooting star (Doré)
succubus in three parts
long dark wavy hair
mirror(s) of all flesh
skeleton portrait (w/ corpsepaint)
endless, nameless, formless (outtake)
orgasmic storm(s)
snowy (dark) forest(s) moonlight
hunting hawk & black ice crow (silhouette)
cave witch
two-way mirror mountain (night)
unsheathed blade portrait
frozen wasteland black paper painting
landscape snowy forest (northern lights)
snow falling over forest at night
pine forest beneath ice
lake reflects mountains in moonlight

High Tide (Really Fucking High) II (drawing GAN, pat steir cover)
High Tide (Really Fucking High) II (drawing GAN,
pat steir cover)

Nearly Black / Nearly White (demo; GAN Summer 2022)

Plant ~ Flora Vertical Growth (GAN Summer 2022)

I Have Destroyed it Already From the Beginning (Fragment GAN ~ Summer 2022)

    for Fragments Performance Festival (300-1000ce), Summer 2022

bodyGANscape (NTP self-portrait)

    for New Media Caucus 2022 ~ Future Bodies Symposium & Exhibition


Ecology Ecologies of Body Bodies
ecology/ies of body/ies

chimeric winged spirit being in colorado mountains
chimeric winged spirit being in colorado mountains

nature's beautiful vengeance GAN
nature's beautiful vengeance

medusa duet pair sharing wordless poetry

medusa mysterious statue(s) (surrealist)
medusa frieze
medusa gorgeous face
poem(s) without words
hair in the form of snakes
metallic gown luminous fashion
screaming/singing medusa statue(s)
metal roses fractal
statues (mythic & "classical")
smiling medusa (happy)
chimera(s) of clouds
mythic sphinx
winged victory medusa

eight of swords, tarot GAN cover

GANcollages / GANquilts / GANscapes

sg GAN 10922 (mythic scene)

orchid flower (goddess) from another
ballerina shark tooth femur
pelvis(es) lifts up towards the sky/ies
vulva owl
owl goddess(s) (greco-roman statue)
all you wanted was a beach to lay on, but you got a tsunami
after tomorrow(s) (mult.)
dark skull mask(s) (w/ wings) (georgia o'keeffe & louise nevelson)
theater masks of dark metal
trees dancing outside
romantic intelligence
(stone in other) stone desert wall
rainforest fragment
sorrowful soil dark roots
unicorn in mountains (oil painting)
merging even deeper
distant background theatre(s)
tooth claw talon thorn spike fang (mult.)

GAN q104 forest scene w gods

scary gods by (klee & miro) (mult.)
(& scary fairies, & scary forest) (mult.)
wild roses growing by wild river(s)
landscape amplifier(s) & modular weather amplifier(s)
healthy & vibrant forest
living forest landscape (mult.)
yellow sunbeam from yellow sun in yellow sky
landscape(s) colorado (bob ross & roger dean)

GAN 091622 kaiju exploding dam *

nature's beautiful healing(s)
cryptid kaiju
kaiju-esque mothra
kaiju (blast, black forest
destroying dam kaiju kaiju(s) exploding dam
giant octopus and gianthousefly attack dam
mountain, mist, lake, sky (aurora borealis)
high mountain beast
wild rose(s) & river(s) / wild rose bushes growing by wild river (FEC)
rose petals flow(er)ing down a stream at sunset
ecoterrorists (mult.)
exploding dam in wilderness (mult.)
mountain beast(s) (dets.)
hillside covered with shrubs
sunset in a field of grass
purple mountain majesties. Above the fruited plain!
waves in the sea (fec) / magical coral reef(s)
dark intense wildernesses & dark river of stars flowing in the universe

GANcollage 100822 nightingales hiding from dawn

hiding my nightingale(s) from dawn(s) (mult.)
golden dawn(s)
feeling warm and bright (x2)
fine and natural sight(s)
yellow from another angle
wooded ravine(s) to the wandering stream(s)
forests of azure
forest (yellow/green watercolor(s))
black skies /
black sky of birds / dawn sky of birds

GANscape q107 sensual vapor landscape

orchid lickers (mult.)
succubus ascending
incubus descending
horny woma/en (o'keeffe)
hurricane on a small plot of land (L&R)
big long bright penis
longhair fly boy (x3)
poem without words
extreme weather storm
neon chainlink fence (x2)
colorful trees
psychedelic ecodelic (x2)
epic majestic synthwave mountains (x4)

GANscape 02 2022 b2

flaming eye rainbow feather / flaming feather rainbow eyes
thunderstorm(s) over ocean(s)
abstract avatar(s) (long hair)
orgasmic storm(s)
feather lightning
atlantis melting
rainbow storm / storm ruins (william blake)
deep lightning roots
formerly extinct species rainbow
iridescent opal dark butterfly
butterfly fire explosion
trees with galaxies on their leaves
rainbow storm in dark blue sky

GANscape 02 2022 a1

flaming eye clouds
fractal of gold
orgasmic storms
mage walking by a river while casting a spell
body ecology/ies /landscape
fire crotch(es)
muscle / phallus
void tree lead
all knowledge of universe in box on table
glass rainbow blue wind(s)

GANscape 206 blue flower

blue rose of forgetfulness (dali)
butterfly on a sun
blue flowers and fertile soil (munch)
blue rose fairy/ies (romantic)
flowers and sky
dark blue galaxy flower(s)
blue rose at top of mountain
& crooked axis of Earth
wing'ed sun (max ernst)
secret lithe spider
man w/ longhair w/ blue rose for face
rainbow flower
sun going supernova
gems in clear water stream solar system
colorful stones in (rainbow) river
glitter colorful lights (monet)
tree growing on the moon (watercolor)
sky moon & sky dark (watercolor)
dark blue arurora borealis panoramic galaxy
joan of arc (miro)
blue flowers after sex
blue weeds in wheatfield
flaming rainbow waves
butterfly made of glass
blue shiny dark matter
cracked rainbow stained glass
storm in the night sky (blake)
aurora borealis over snowy mountains
dirty glitter (monet)
lightning bolt strikes rainbow / brown landscape w/ blue river (cezanne)

GANscape 0402 unsheathed blade in two-way mirror mountain landscape

intense eye with storm in it
screaming storm of black feathers (and fire)
face(s) of black feathers
unsheathed blade(s)
vaporwave chest / shield (art deco)
chimera skull mask(s)
skull mask w/ wings (o'keeffe)
dark skull mask (carrington)
wild rhizomes
many stacked stratified plateaus (and rhizomes)
wild goddesses in the high blue sky
elemental wind mythological goddess creature(s) at mountain peak
futuristic temple (mountain peak)
two-way mirror mountain(s)
distant mountain and sky of fire
tattoo of a flame on my arm
epic majestic synthwave mecha dragons
wing of gleaming blades
(squirting) neon lightning in dark blue sky
synthwave abstract noise & weather(s)
intense foggy mountain
mountain peak covered w/ white feathers
trees w/ sky and blue waterfall & huge mountain

GANcape 116

storm mountain /lightning spiderweb(s) & storm mountain rainbow (roger dean)
shadow flower radiography (warm colors)
butterfly (stained glass art deco painting)
galaxy (oil on canvas)
spiderweb cubist
explosion of flowers (renoir)
upside-down tree with pearl eye
rainbow river
mountain of eyes
lights of heaven
storm skull dragon / witches (roger dean)
forest(s) of the sunset(s)
dense green forest lights at night space
naked women dancing in a circle holding hands high around monolith 01

GANscape reh 02142022

mona lisa right beside me while the world(s) burns
naked warrior(s) w/ long hair and sword full body action (frazetta)
secret female shadow assassin(s) full body action pose (jack kirby)
princess(es) fruit(s) (frazetta)
old magic book demonic sigil
storm goddess(es) in gray fog (frazetta)
red dragon(s) in valley(s) of ice and mud (and wings)
mountain geode cave
geode talking to mountain /sky & misty mountains
mountain assassin action pose (liefeld)
sacred artifact of magical tesseract (sci-fi watercolor)
assassin dressed in black
sky of fire and stars (soft sky fire and many stars)
mountain's beautiful vengeance

GANscape 204

roaring storm beast
ballerina shark tooth femur
airplane / satellite raven skull
sculpture of dust
sky with floating rainbow crystals
Sunrise over the mountains, covered with snow (oil on canvas)
thunder only happens when its raining
waterfall sketch (picasso)

GANquilt1 explosion V2

mountain of roses
dust in the wind
blue planet(s) orbiting explosion(s)
explosion(s) in the middle of nowhere
five mountain peaks lit with bonfires
everything she was fighting for
(+ tarot card)

GANscape 207 red scene

horse running into the sunset water
extreme weather sunrise
sunset behind waterfall
sunset on mountain landscape
fiery crimson sunset
crimson sky forest
flower on fire under full moon

GANscape 9

mountain ranges with mist and mythical dragons
landscape marshall full stack
mandebrot set
supernova galaxy in the sea with the moon
the sun and earth colliding into eachother
swiftly growing expanding glaciers
eye(s) of the storm(s)
shadow figures staring at Earth (from space)
magic of the ancients
til the old world's blown up and a new one is created (copy?)

GANscape 10 fresh fucked feelings universal

butterfly made of crystals
formerly extinct species
good morning midnight
fresh fucked feeling(s)
floral explosion
cinematic cataclysm
coming in a wave (glitch noise)
rainbow crystal plant
4th dimensional distortion fractal
rainbow galaxy memory
neon nightmare(s)
Gravitational Waves Should Permanently Distort Space-Time
"generative adversarial network"

GANscape 11 night scene 1 0 heathens in the outer dark

spiderweb black metal (cubist)
(+ in the sky in the night)
heathen(s) in the outer dark(ness)
shadows watercolor graffiti
rainbow river
night sky with birds
midnight shining through blinds
metal organic framework aluminum geodesic
fleet of stealth bombers full moon clear night
milkyway sky moon
midnight interior skyscraper

GANscape 12 weather storm

black cloud lightning storm(s)
weather storm horizon(s)
eye(s) of the storm(s) / storm of eyes
storm of many (animal) eyes
weather amplifier
storm mountain(s) (& cave)
(dark storm within lightning clouds)

GANscape 13 011722

star(s) inside tree(s)
northern lights dragon(s)
storm cave(s)
symphony cacophony
illuminated path through forest
lightning strikes over a mountain
the expanding universe blue crystal

GANscape 14 011722

midnight greenhouse floating castle(s) flooded
dewdrops on cobwebs ancient gravestone light leaks
iridescent feathers (krasner)
abandoned house
cala lily with snowflakes
floating forest
looking up at massive butterfly migration
the fields within
green grassland in the evening

GANscape 15 011722 (green universe in a jar)

asteroids raining down night sky
butterfly nebula
blue black green
universe in a jar (top & bottom)
murmuration(s) of dreams
endless light hallway going to nowhere
cosmos / green galaxy

GANscape 202A

melting candle skull (candles melting onto)
rose made of ice
black ice ocean depths (spiderweb (at night / obsidian void))
dyson sphere in space

GANscape 202B

fairy in the night
galaxy of secrets
shiny green, purple galaxy ore, neon colors
metallic gown(s) in luminous fashion
dragon of fractals
scary trees forest
night sky with galaxies
gray forest

(mountain scene) GANscape 203

mountain fog(s) / foggy mountain(s)
winged spirit in colorado forest
forest reflecting from lake
diamond tree
eco terrorists bomb grand coulee & three gorges dam & environmental terrorists bomb the hoover dam
space forest
peacock in garden
mountains (caspar david friedrich)
blue sky oceans mountains

GANscape 201

mountain explosion, pouring liquid, scenic panorama
exploding sun(rise daisy)
geodesic dome(s) (cubist)
unicorns in mountains
vision of comet blast
rainbow storm prism
a river made of light flowing through a lush green (rain)forest copy

Colorful Landscape 2 (GANscape 205 v2

World(s) in a Grain of Sand and Heaven in a Wild Flower
tropical fantasy lensflare
desert arching back
purple and orange butterfly
mountain horizon sunset snow
yellow/gold mountain majesties (above the fruited plain)
extreme weather sunrise
vermillion sun
Sunset over Mountain, pine forest,
Near By Planets in sky River dune
universe candy mountain
lunar red pumice and vanilla ice cream
lilac on clear pond
james webb telescope first images
infinite horizon(s) (panorama)
sea of gold oil

GANscape 205

extreme weather sunrise
vermillion sun
Sunset over Mountain, pine forest,
Near By Planets in sky River dune
universe candy mountain
lunar red pumice and vanilla ice cream
mountain horizon sunset snow
lilac on clear pond
james webb telescope first images
infinite horizon(s) (panorama)
sea of gold oil

GANscape 208 future anarchist scene postpost

extreme weather amplifier(s)
4-dimensional (future young) anarchist(s) (& utopias)
distortion pedal(s) (for weather)
abandoned building with a waterfall and some plant life
forest castle (in ruins) covered in moss
solar panels in a field
Post Apocalyptic abandoned city thats overgrown and taken back by nature
eye(s) of the storm(s)

GANscape glacier sketch GAN 9B

ruins in a forest
reflection of
forest moon haunted twilight
white witch planet fairy atmosphere
spiral galaxy collision
majestic dragon (landscape)
lightning dragon storm
expanding glacier(s)
til the old world's blown up and a new one is created
stormy ocean light blue
blue crystal cavern
blue planet glowing in the dark

Unsheathed Blade-Brushstroke Satellite
unsheathed-blade (brushstroke satellite)

momentous storms

hologram moon, white fender stratocaster, red rose