bodyGANscape (NTP self-portrait)

    for New Media Caucus 2022 ~ Future Bodies Symposium & Exhibition


chimeric winged spirit being in colorado mountains

floral growth /flora vertical growth

nature's beautiful vengeance


GANquilt1 explosion V2

mountain of roses
dust in the wind
blue planet(s) orbiting explosion(s)
explosion(s) in the middle of nowhere
five mountain peaks lit with bonfires
everything she was fighting for
(+ tarot card)

GANscape 205 red scene

horse running into the sunset water
extreme weather sunrise
sunset behind waterfall
sunset on mountain landscape
fiery crimson sunset
crimson sky forest
flower on fire under full moon

GANscape 9

mountain ranges with mist and mythical dragons
landscape marshall full stack
mandebrot set
supernova galaxy in the sea with the moon
the sun and earth colliding into eachother
swiftly growing expanding glaciers
eye(s) of the storm(s)
shadow figures staring at Earth (from space)
magic of the ancients
til the old world's blown up and a new one is created (copy?)

GANscape 10 fresh fucked feelings universal

butterfly made of crystals
formerly extinct species
good morning midnight
fresh fucked feeling(s)
floral explosion
cinematic cataclysm
coming in a wave (glitch noise)
rainbow crystal plant
4th dimensional distortion fractal
rainbow galaxy memory
neon nightmare(s)
Gravitational Waves Should Permanently Distort Space-Time
"generative adversarial network"

GANscape 11 night scene 1 0 heathens in the outer dark

spiderweb black metal (cubist)
(+ in the sky in the night)
heathen(s) in the outer dark(ness)
shadows watercolor graffiti
rainbow river
night sky with birds
midnight shining through blinds
metal organic framework aluminum geodesic
fleet of stealth bombers full moon clear night
milkyway sky moon
midnight interior skyscraper

GANscape 12 weather storm ---

black cloud lightning storm(s)
weather storm horizon(s)
eye(s) of the storm(s) / storm of eyes
storm of many (animal) eyes
weather amplifier
storm mountain(s) (& cave)
(dark storm within lightning clouds)

GANscape 13 011722

star(s) inside tree(s)
northern lights dragon(s)
storm cave(s)
symphony cacophony
illuminated path through forest
lightning strikes over a mountain
the expanding universe blue crystal

GANscape 14 011722

midnight greenhouse floating castle(s) flooded
dewdrops on cobwebs ancient gravestone light leaks
iridescent feathers (krasner)
abandoned house
cala lily with snowflakes
floating forest
looking up at massive butterfly migration
the fields within
green grassland in the evening

GANscape 15 011722 (green universe in a jar)

asteroids raining down night sky
butterfly nebula
blue black green
universe in a jar (top & bottom)
murmuration(s) of dreams
endless light hallway going to nowhere
cosmos / green galaxy

GANscape 202A

melting candle skull (candles melting onto)
rose made of ice
black ice ocean depths (spiderweb (at night / obsidian void))
dyson sphere in space

GANscape 202B

fairy in the night
galaxy of secrets
shiny green, purple galaxy ore, neon colors
metallic gown(s) in luminous fashion
dragon of fractals
scary trees forest
night sky with galaxies
gray forest

GANscape 203

mountain fog(s) / foggy mountain(s)
winged spirit in colorado forest
forest reflecting from lake
diamond tree
eco terrorists bomb grand coulee & three gorges dam & environmental terrorists bomb the hoover dam
space forest
peacock in garden
mountains (caspar david friedrich)
blue sky oceans mountains

GANscape 201

mountain explosion, pouring liquid, scenic panorama
exploding sun(rise daisy)
geodesic dome(s) (cubist)
unicorns in mountains
vision of comet blast
rainbow storm prism
a river made of light flowing through a lush green (rain)forest copy

GANscape 205

extreme weather sunrise
vermillion sun
Sunset over Mountain, pine forest, Near By Planets in sky River dune
universe candy mountain
lunar red pumice and vanilla ice cream
mountain horizon sunset snow
lilac on clear pond
james webb telescope first images
infinite horizon(s) (panorama)
sea of gold oil

GANscape 208 future anarchist scene postpost

extreme weather amplifier(s)
4-dimensional (future young) anarchist(s) (& utopias)
distortion pedal(s) (for weather)
abandoned building with a waterfall and some plant life
forest castle (in ruins) covered in moss
solar panels in a field
Post Apocalyptic abandoned city thats overgrown and taken back by nature
eye(s) of the storm(s)

GANscape glacier sketch GAN 9B

ruins in a forest
reflection of
forest moon haunted twilight
white witch planet fairy atmosphere
spiral galaxy collision
majestic dragon (landscape)
lightning dragon storm
expanding glacier(s)
til the old world's blown up and a new one is created
stormy ocean light blue
blue crystal cavern
blue planet glowing in the dark

unsheathed-blade (brushstroke satellite)

momentous storms