GANxNoah Travis Phillips

Blue Colorado Butterflies (GAN demo)

exh. view

@ Denver Art Museum (DAM)

@ Kunst und Denker

... the blue butterflies are hybrids,
they refer to art history, they relive/redream Rodin
they are a symbol of beauty,
they are cubist / futurist butterflies,
they gesture to this color blue, (lapis lazuli, whatever)
this color that can come from copper (verdigris)
they depict the blue of sadness,
and space (Rayleigh scattering), air and water,

These butterflies are free-roaming shapes, expressive silhouettes,
representing multiple species of blue Colorado butterflies in hybrid forms,
they are blue like the sky, like aspirations, but also sadness,
referencing art history, and doomed with the anthropocene blues, ...
Maybe they have the blues because they are endangered, and their multiple habitats are all under threat of fracking or "development" or worse.

the Blue Colorado Butterflies (GAN demo) include:

* Arctic Blue or Glandon Blue
Agriades glandon

* Silvery Blue
Glaucopsyche lygdamus

* Arrowhead blue
Glaucopsyche piasus

* The Blue Copper
Lycaena heteronea

* Boisduval's Blue
Icaricia icarioides

* Western Tailed-Blue
Cupido amyntula

* Melissa Blue
Lycaeides melissa

Featured in Little Creatures at Boulder Public Library Canyon Gallery. August 12 - September 28, 2023
A community celebration featuring art and poetry to honor insects and other invertebrates who make life possible for all of us.

blue colorado butterflies camo and weather (rehearsal)