Noah Travis Phillips

  Yellow (residue / redux)

for CURRENTS 2023

yellow residue/redux gan collage


(yellow ... )
cubist scary goddess dancer(s)
(fastest) gold runner(s) (bright)
animals plants minerals
butterfly fire explosion
yellow seraphim
yellow (nonbinary) conspiracies & conspirators,
mother heroic,
explosion in the middle of nowhere
floral explosion
flower dancer (matisse)
formerly extinct species / fka extinct
yellow & gold chimera(s) &etc.
gold silver pearls diamonds
yellow wings (golden phoenix, etc.)
scary gods (klee)
honeybee / bumblebee (surreal)
witch lover (roger dean)
animal(s) plant(s) mineral(s)
(ecstatic / dandelion / trapped in amber) dancer(s)
yellow dragon(s) (roger dean)
flower dancer (matisse)
formerly extinct species / formerly known as extinct
yellow rose(s), serpents, symbiotes, contortionist
yellow menagerie
hero statues, sculptures,
scary goddess mask
wild gods
cave stalctites and stalagmites (teeth)
yellow radicals / ecoprotectors yellow sky dark night
crepuscular atmosphere(s)
soulful water
tower mountain(s)
sunrise(s) & storm(s)
sunbeam(s) from sun in sky
yellow sunrise storm(s)
yonic sunrise
sunny mountainside

yellow residue/redux gan collage documentation