Noah Travis Phillips

Orgasmic Storms (GANxNTP) demo

   2022, 1920x1080, 3m06s loop, silent

c/o Third Floor Window @
video art window📍 Pittsburgh (Mt.lebo)
curated by Carolina Alamilla

Orgasmic Storms (GANxNTP) demo conceives pleasures and passions of extreme climate as an erotic event. As part of Phillips' continued world-building in dialogue with GANs their video uses the prompt "orgasmic storms" and related terms to whisper, to fondle and feel the poetry between artist and machine. The imagery confounds lightning, wind, breath, feeling, sensitivity, and other phenomena; blurring boundaries between intensities. Clouds are flesh, orifices become hot and moist fronts, coming together, like weather maps of the body, or candid maps of climate. The weather in Phillips GAN world is unpredictable, and ambiguous, is wayward, mixed, shifting suddenly and dramatically, gyrating somewhat in rhythm. Open algorithmic systems act as a space for caresses, to abstract expressionist montage that is tactile and fantastic, intense and visceral, "the hardcore and gentle" atmospheres of Earth's bodily meteorology.

39s excerpt

documentation, c/o the gallery