Noah Travis Phillips for Flat Journal 03 ('After Tomorrow')


* [Title Too Long to Display] Post-Rock SF&F Future(s) EP (GANxNTP) *


     For *[Title Too Long to Display] Post-Rock SF&F Future(s) EP (GANxNTP)* I dream hopeful myths & radical futures in dialogue with publicly available algorithmic systems, in response to the theme “After Tomorrow”. Multiple GANs helped me cultivate a folio of thousands of images developed from prompts riffing on and extending from the theme. An EP/trio of digital collages grew from this. I selected and modified individual images to build up these collages in scores of layers. The collages are made at movie poster dimensions (24x36) to emphasize the drama, hyper-saturated color (as in comics), and hard, jump-cut edits of the compositions. I cultivated (an)other world(s) via the GAN, something more mythic, that extends it into an after, into a post-, a positive post-, a preferable future(s). The prompts for the images in each collage serve as titles, they also act as poems / lyrics, and descriptions. There is an attempt to teach the machines poetry, or to talk to these technologies poetically, as a kind of relational technology, to further encourage the world I long for and work to inhabit.
    In my dialogue with the GAN I improvise and make in response to something not completely in my control, there is a wildness, or a “chance operations” (as with our tomorrows). Like the unpredictability of weather, this acts to extend the possibilities (visual and speculative), through an ambiguity of shared hallucination, surrealism, a dream world. Ideas mutate into potentialities, abstractions into entities, creating the praxis from the relationship of multiple parts, and extending the voice into posthuman territories, to explore the anthropocene. An adventure ensues; speculative hybridity merging figure/ground, creature/ecology, maker/made, to better observe, orientate to, and act within the present – all have a role in this new wild order.
Today is already after tomorrow, and its consequences will continue to be felt, even as we dream and party and celebrate (an)other future(s).
The collages can be printed at 24x36 and shipped for physical exhibition/display.


    Noah Travis Phillips is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and scholar; BA, Naropa University, Fine Art and Environmental Studies; MFA, University of Denver, Emergent Digital Practices. Their research and creative interests integrate the anthropocene and posthuman, magical correspondences, and ecology, by activating appropriation and digital/analog remix and collage strategies, and working with both a private media archive and open algorithmic systems. They create adaptable and multicentered artworks incorporating 2D / 3D digital fabrication, videos, books, performance, and the internet. Phillips is Assistant Professor & FabLab/Z-Space Coordinator at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. They have exhibited extensively locally, nationally, internationally, and virtually. They live and work in Boulder, Colorado and can be found online at


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instagram: @th3n04h

_______Images / Media_______

[ 1200px examples of the three pieces ]





A trio of digital collages resembling quilts and or movie posters, created from images made by a GAN, with a dream-like quality and a radical aesthetic.

These collages can be described by their prompts as well, which also act as titles / poems / lyrics.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

collage TRACK 01 depicts,

morphogenetic morphogenesis
joan of arc (joan miro) (mult.)
archaic mother(s) (mult.)
beautiful / patchwork anarchist(s) (mult.)
beautiful anarchist revolutionaries (mult.)
visible possible obvious
sunrise in field of grass
utopian cosmos (mult.)
successful commune(s)
cone(s) of uncertainty
solar structure city
hopeful and natural and committed
red flower delicate blurry
crying eye teardrop
unbridled joy overcomes nightmares
precarious networks
feels & the vibe
exploding sunrise roses
sunrise delay
red flag and black flag waving above
communal eco-terrorism (collage)
optimistic visions
unruly edges
pagans in the outer dark
just like you imagined

collage TRACK 02 depicts,

world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower
young anarchists, old anarchists (mult.)
future insect(s) & bird(s) (menagerie)
new relationships among+between lifeforms (mult.)
dramatic foreshortening of the future (mult.)
a boundary not a destiny / boundaries not destinies (mult.)
organic movements (mult.)
alternative form(s) of coexistence (mult.)
hooded person mammoth desert future fashion
collaborative survival (mult.)
formerly extinct animals (mult.)
mimesis reflection collapse
(long snake moan)
skeleton portrait corpsepaint long hair (self-portrait)
shifting assemblages (mult.)
water(s) rising hypnotizing
multiple temporalities

collage TRACK 03 depicts,

colorful young (abstract) anarchists dancing (mult.)
plants growing on ruins (mult.)
beautiful nature spirit (mult.)
new spirit of (the forces of) nature (menagerie)
hyperbolic apocalypses dreamed up in science fiction
the end(s) of worlds
burning future
four(th)-dimensional future young anarchists
metabolic negentropic storm
dawn sky of birds
fragile fragments (mult.)
orgasmic storm(s) (mult.)
cloud(s) of unknowing