Noah Travis Phillips

   for The Yellow Show

    Dateline 10th Anniversary, Spring 2022
    GAN & Archive

Explosion in the Middle of Nowhere (Yellow GAN)

explosion in the middle of nowhere yellow gan collage


formerly extinct species / formerly known as extinct
cubist scary goddess dancer(s)
animal plant mineral
flower dancer (matisse)
scary gods Klee style
sunrise(s) & storm(s)
dragon(s) & witch hunter roger dean
atmosphere crepuscular
formerly extinct species
gold womyn running
chimera wing(s) & ear (foot)
chimera tail(s)
dandelion dancer(s)
(ecstatic) dancer(s)
dancer(s) trapped in amber
golden phoenix wing
fastest runner bright
gold chimera
gold silver pearls diamonds
scary gods by paul klee
animals plants minerals
atmosphere(s) crepuscular
butterfly fire explosion
soulful water
explosion(s) in the middle of nowhere
floral explosion
sky dark night
sunny mountainside
sunbeam from sun in sky

Bouquet of Eyes / Cave (FKA Plato’s)

bouquet of eyes cave formerly known as plato's cover collage yellow


garter snake
bardo methodology skeleton druid snake tree devil cauldron
hawk rmcad front soaring
sisyphus and eye rock
algae ocean coral rock
rock arch drawing
proginoskes white black eyes
yellow galaxy im/exploding
eye of as storm
fordite fragment paint rock
pegasus golden embossing ntp
stonehenge solstice sun between rocks monolith
rabbit human hand shadow puppet reverse
hooded figure invisible shadow
fox running on green painting with shadow
plato's rave
mothra battra cave mural
gilgal gardens hearts hands in cave rock sculpture
blood realistic heart of the caves
skull star eyes hole in wall comic
skull eye blue pupil iris
bee covered with pollen yellow flower insect nature
cup from queen of cups tarot vessel vase chalice ark (x2)
Wisdom Constantin brancusi yellow background
wands of king and queen of wands tarot
rocks (6)
fulgurite diagram lightning sand underground glass
golden butterfly Guide to the study of insects. 1889 Book cover
gold figure statue
twin yellow cubes
sun corner classic drawing yellow rays
ouroboros hourglass held aloft by hands ring
goddess godless universe without geometries
tiger quintet
yellow flower on fire by side of road full moon
wolf yellow mother paint
black yellow bloodshot crying black eyes from jeremy scott hat
yellow candle wizard
moth and human ear painting
medusa head gold 24328-842
Animal Eyes
handbook of ornament cover capital mask totem red yellow
yellow bandana paisley
Saturn's beautiful rings Taken by Voyager
oil water sun Iridescence goniochromism
(yellow mist brush)
gold rose crystal fulgurite
plato-allegory-of-the-cave content aware
eye bouquet hannahhoch

Yellow (residue / redux) [proposal] for CURRENTS 2023