NTP for Healing Through Connectivity / As Above So Below, for Taupe Magazine

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    The duet presented here ("circle-A" & "tarot card(s)") for "Healing Through Connectivity"/"As Above So Below" were each made from a folio of images generated in dialogue with GANs (as an example of publicly available algorithmic systems), based on the themes.
    In the "circle-A" the folio of images were collaged together in an interconnected form that suggests rhizomes and mycorrhizae. It also resembles the most recognizable symbol for anarchy – a system based on resiliency through connection, that may one day act as a healing balm for our hypercapitalist techno-industrial military complex, or, as sister bell hooks would say: "Imperialist White Supremacist Heteropatriarchy" which we (all) need desperately to revolutionize and recover from.
    In the "tarot card(s)" the folio developed was reformulated to depict a constantly changing scene that can be viewed upside-right or upside-down. It resembles a fragmentary deck of cards used for divinatory or playful purposes, and gestures to the ways that otherways of knowing and relating are crucial as we make our way more deeply into the anthropocene and posthuman. It is fragmentary to indicate the state of ecologies around the world, and proposes uncertainty, changeability/adaptation, and chance operations as appropriate approach to current and upcoming circumstances.
    These collages portray speculative entities/energies that exist deep below ground (ley lines / telluric forces), and/or high above (as exospheric phenomena). They depict ways beings are intra-actively brought into being by profound, esoteric, and very physical dynamics (intensities, passions, forces, energies, behaviors, interactions, processes, & so on).
    They are presented here as a PNG and GIF respectively so that they can hold space for other imagery, for maximum (inter)connective potential.

re: color

    The colors in circle-A (Healing Through Connectivity) oscillate (blur/blend / connect) between neutral and very saturated – moments of intensity, and of soft flesh, stimulated synapses and mending. Vaporwave storms of lightning veins and warm fog, stitched through with electric blood, connecting through sinew, scars, and transformers, metabolic networks and powers; internal and infrastructural.

color palette samples for "healing through connectivity":

    In tarot cards (As Above So Below), the colors are heavenly & earthly, aquatic & mountainous. They exchange glances that are dark or bathed in fluidic crepuscular color. Prismatic encaustics reach into chthonic depths. The views are multiperspectival and suggest one world through the interface of another. Primary chroma of earth, water, and air interpenetrate and mutate.

color palette samples for "as above so below":