Noah Travis Phillips

Wormhole Fold (Space Oddity)

digital fabric print, 68" x 44"

for A Harder Soft
at Juicebox Gallery,
Denver, CO
Summer 2018

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

rough notes:

displayed folded, makes reference to space,
outer and inner, grand scales and subtle
a material associated with intimacy refers to great distances, near and far, it has two sides, the sides are in dialog,
the viewer must travel around the piece to see it in its entirety,
tracing the arc of a wormhole themselves.
travel between distant spaces,
fabric, the weave of fabric alternates,
warp and weft exchanging orientation, top/bottom, or in/out
patterns, overlap, layers, simultaneity,
texture, the imagery on the material alludes to qualities of the material, folds of fabric depicted on flat fabric
initiated by the themes of the exhibition

multi-dimensionality in (approximately) two dimensions
space oddity, not to be incorporated, no universalizing statements, all possibilities are not commodities, an excess of atmospheres and perspectives,
nostalgias of being lost in space, a pale blue dot by comparison, sympathetic molecules, intemperate zones, the secret condition of itself, singularity of final beginnings, adrift, diffracted through the cosmic lens, broadcast news of humanity’s extinction event, bifurcating, plural and separated, across the fold, perturbation in universal grammar, drunk on an algorithmic bender, computing this apparent contradiction, “strange superpositionality” on a sufficiently ambivalent scale, micro + macro, reckoned as the crow flies as no anomaly at all.