Noah Travis Phillips "Unsolicited Collaboration(s)

Mona Lisa /Louvre

Shelves Nicolas Lamas

The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke Richard Dadd 1855-64

The Hole x Guggenheim

The Starry Night - Van Gogh

Yes Ma'am ~ (domestic)

Andrea Buttner

Bob Marley poster (smoking weed)

Louise Bourgeois & Pablo Picasso ~ "Anatomies of Desire"

Cerith Wyn Evans

Clark Richert 2

Dominique Gonzalez Foerster ~ TH.2058

Isa Genzken

Joseph Beuys ~ Lightning with Stag in its Glare

Matthew Barney - Guggenheim (and wall)

Clark Richert - Melancholia 4

Matthew Barney - Redoubt (Everybody Knows this is Nowhere)

Richard Serra - Drawings

Robert Rauschenberg Minutiae

Salvador Dali Still Life Fast Moving

Sterling Ruby - Art Base 'Unlimited'

Hito Steyerl ~ How Not To Be Seen _ A Fucking Didactic Educational Installation, Andrew Kreps New York

Virgil Abloh

Urs Fischer - You

Spiral Jetty (Robert Smithson x Noah Travis Phillips)

The Gothic Theater - stage exh. reh.

Malraux's Place reh.

unsolicited collaboration - #lowlikes (remix(es))