Under Pressure (One Piece Sextet)

Noah Travis Phillips

Under Pressure (One Piece Sextet)
for Under Pressure at CO-OPt Research + Projects, Lubbock, TX

Artist Statement:
Noah Travis Phillips is an interdisciplinary artist, scholar, and educator; BA, Naropa University, Fine Art and Environmental Studies; MFA, University of Denver, Emergent Digital Practices. Their research and creative interests integrate personal mythologies, the anthropocene and the posthuman, engaging appropriation and digital/analog remix strategies. They create adaptable and multicentered artworks incorporating 2D / 3D digital fabrication, videos, books, performance, and the internet. Phillips is Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor in Emergent Digital Practices at University of Denver. Their most recent exhibitions include group shows at Alto Gallery in Denver, CO (ARTIFACTS), Miriam Gallery in NYC (Friendly Ghost) and the Weserburg Museum for Modern Art (Künstlerpublikationen: analog — digital!). They live and work in Boulder, Colorado. They can be found online at noahtravisphillips.com.

Project Statement:
Cluster of six images on the theme of "under pressure" from my private media archive using the title as keywords and composing fruitful couplings.
References are made to:

    the pressure(s) of the body/ies, and pressures of appearance(s)
    intensity of "and, and, and"/& and interconnections(s)
    Unknown Pleasures cover origin, first recognized pulsar, and potential extraterrestrial life, and ...
    pressure is depicted in documentation of an artwork titled In the Spirit of Defiance of Larger Power(s)
    from 2012, made from a (Denver clay) brick / atop three (organic, fresh, chicken) eggs /atop a (square-foot) mirror
    and geological pressures.