Noah Travis Phillips

Subtle Body (Sarah Charlesworth "cover")


"cover" of Subtle Body, from the Academy of Secrets Series
by Sarah Charlesworth.

In an interview Charlesworth conducted with Betsy Sussler, publisher of BOMB, which appeared in the magazine's Winter 1989 issue (pages 30-33), she says, "I borrowed from Tantric meditation, the progression of ascendant symbols along the body center equaling seven centers of the body. Then I returned them around and replaced them with symbols that are personally significant to me, that reflect my understanding of physical, psychic elevation."

In their anthropocene and posthuman "cover" Phillips responds by both honoring and expanding on Charlesworth's motives, based on Tantric meditation, and on personal experiences and understandings. Phillips' "cover" additionally engages with ideas about metaphysical body/ies, and the way bodies are sexually/sensually, historically and culturally informed, as well as the relationships our bodies have with other bodies, and with the natural and supernatural world(s) as bodies.