Storm reh.

The birds call from the trees above.
The sun is unveiled from behind and aft the clouds and she remains in the tree's shadow, Dense earth
Foreshortening the distance with a cloud
Her eyes begin to smart and blur
Precision of the precession of the equinoxes
the rise of the bourgeoisie and industrial capitalism has been used to abuse humanity, and domination of nature has become also the domination of nature within humanity.
effecting the weather, the clouds and precipitation, kerosene heaters, even in California, grabbing a hummingbird out of the honey.
Astronomical and cosmic conditions incorporated into them, rises directly from the spatial ramifications of raw numbers and patterns of logistics.
she hides her camouflage face in the moon
get the lookout and ensign together,
world destroyed, (his here, his heart) by her, on the lines
that empty space survives
undressing for the long black cloud
why try? Radical ghost copy,
Hid in the forest dark (& low),
Until the clouds pass
Suns call, reach from the abyss, pierce, penetrate, and caress He climbed the pole, ascended
with strong embraces and stronger lift and pull
unkempt and savage, with sweet tooth
nearly out of view, almost in the cloud
Back in the rain on your feet. (rain on your back)
It has no mouth but it is telling me many things.
The storm, The fall, The center of the world
The specter of nihilism haunts
he on the bridge, promise an answer Move me, not the stone, the stone both come from beyond the Earth and witness a storm not of their own doing.
The highest expression of truth, free of and from the past, first religion, then philosophy, both without the memory or even knowledge of texture.
What is below the dirt; or, what is the dirt upon?
She happened, chanced, found and saw
each in succession, animated, throughout the day in flat ever against the background, back of the sky
Horizontal frontier & Anarchic harmony
Less like an object and more like the weather. Where are the boundaries? Where is the center of weather?
When he points down, that will be the middle.
in the early morning hours,
Opened and deepened with understanding, obsidian cloud don't watch it too close, up close, the gate is guarded! "dont forget."
contemplating much more directly, riding toward the cataclysm, It is industry and government that have caused a vast majority of the environmental crisis. Despite this, They now try to put the responsibility and blame on the people.
A much more sophisticated level of control.
To control what people do, or how. Make the product more expensive, while saving them money.
Don't allow the material crisis to distract you from the spiritual crisis. Don't allow the material crisis to distract you from the spiritual crisis. Don't allow the imaginary to distract you from the real. Don't allow the real to distract you from the imaginary.
Have your dream. Promising nothing.
Lost storms, lost dogs
Wild home wild hymn wild him
Who's to blame?

Youth devour divinity. God is of no concern, father can't feed.
The nihilist demands reality (and utopia) "that this was a world in crisis was evident beneath the glamor, or because of the glamor. It's signals were alienation, isolation, fear, and addiction to illusion."
Hide a trauma in the gem, pale it with fear and distress. Cloudy now from horror now
Place it in perfume, soak for three months. Until eventually the whole elaborate machinery of modern industrial society is nature bent on ripping itself to pieces.
attempting to remember whatever it was before,
a crisis, of liquids, a wilderness of elsewheres, and otherness, becoming unpredictable, and inevitable, at an atomic level, spirits might, new valences, and
central conditions, it is speaking back to you, from and to where you are now, evolving from new mergings and fronts, fronts in every direction(?)
mood as a storm, or brilliant exuberant day.
Incomprehensible vastness abstracting, making liminal,
so as to be incorporated, assimilating anomalies, always-already, sensing
Various forms meet and amalgamate, entities that would have never otherwise met,
overall, (motion and time)
the fragment is a unit of measurement, vibrant matter,
only the dimensions that have ever been,
topologically, waves and folds, much occurs
even where it is uninhabitable, more action than,
unseen anyway, no predictions possible, vast space,
the invisible but not hidden, envisioning the post-catastrophic, cognitive sensual choreography, saturation and mesmerism,
the unknown may guide, through or around,
Where it goes. Not their intention to go there.
contribute to a conjuring of some kind, (shadow cloud liquid(s))
unleashing manifestations, viscous, luminous details, substantially influencing,
ambivalent, released into the ontological shifts.
density, atmospheres intruding, immersed within hypothetical or in another way, no boundary or border acknowledgeable, causative effects, intervening in conditions …
cloudy currents, vertiginous, ripped and then caressed, inwards
about balance, not debt, commitment, pragmatics, assembling between
changes in the stochastic distribution, changes in any one element, vastly particular,
even just try to explain it all away still.

You just got your wish
Your wish just got you
Converging in the silence
Converging over water (the still Ocean)
Two trajectories, two courses, two ways
Two paths
The proper ions, paper thin, atop
Expectations (she doesn't know why)
Doesn't look like you in the clouds
or at the peak
Of the high mountain
They who still dreamed for the future presented
Their ideas in regard to
Point to line to plane to body (three dimensions now)
& the formation of clouds
What is above and has ascended, in possession of
That which will descend or be reabsorbed
Were met with insult and an assault of possessions, material and objects wanted more for the harm it may cause them and less for continued ownership
Their planet was saved. Everyone was attentive. <-- NTP