not yet titled (poem demo, Summer 2021)

not yet titled (poem demo) v2 Noah Travis Phillips 1920x1080.gif

sky stars the fragile cover nine inch nails night
stars glow in the dark pile
diamond atmosphere tribal zigzag vandalized painting machine spiderweb sphinx
tropical plant leaves
screaming in dark night forest woman projection outdoor lighting
tree creature woman
red wizard jungle rainforest
the fragile fragment
classic jlntp paisley 01
gilgal gardens hearts hands in cave rock sculpture
glaciers warm light (atlas?)
iceberg glacier frozen antarctica
glacier arctic landscape watercolor
bird on branch finger
ghost phantom woman forest haunting horror gothic drawing
grass growing fast around hand comic
skull hourglass planet bg
snow on the mountains blue night
mountain glacier melting
mountain peak cg(i)
landscape princess mononoke grass mountain river cloud
heart bad animals
fire horse inferno running
the fragile album cover painting
milk blood sweat copy
owl berry multi arm creature bosch plant
dandelion illustration weed plant
sun star reaching in the dark
monarch butterfly in the sky
burning the candle at both ends NTP copy
diving osprey freeshape
lightning moon dark thunder 2 (invert)
salt crystal pair 01
blue dream labyrinth Double Print overprint puzzle idea
sleipnir (eight-legged horse) 2
sleipnir (eight-legged horse) 3
weed plant pattern illustration detail dendritic
wicker man
butterfly on branch insect yonic drawing bit
kestrel soaring blue sky raptor bird
blue mountain geology layer landscape
wanderer above the sea of fog blurry ntp
epic mythic mountains pareidolia face NTP
log effigy burned in pond forest mountain
fire on ocean waves night 1
electricity in paper NTP

as part of emergent.poetic at Brick City Gallery
Missouri State University
curated by Colby Jennings

Noah Travis Phillips