Noah Travis Phillips
Memento Mori Glitch (rehearsal)

for Net art died but is doing well / A net art morreu mas passa bem

as part of The Wrong Biennale of Internet Art 2023-4
Summer 2023

Artwork proposal 1435c
    "Memento Mori Glitch (reh.)" employs multiple online/internet/web tools, prioritizing accessibility in creation and presentation. Internet art retains a wildness—peripheral, marginal, and existing on the (cringe)fringes of “culture”. Some of the things I make are internet art. On the internet I am an artist. Sometimes I think of the Internet as a word with a capital letter because it is a specific location, like a nation, somewhere I am from. As a digital native, I grasp the ephemerality of internet art — it is provisional, subject to deletion or obsolescence as tech evolves. In a moment, creation vanishes, like ecologies and species… It reflects a fragmentation and glitch in ecology, species are endangered, mediums/media can become endangered, may go extinct, irrelevant, no longer supported.
    "Memento Mori Glitch (reh.)" is like a frolic in a glitch meadow — a fragmented realm mirroring scattered attention and endangerment of species and media forms. Simple code (HTML/CSS) ensures stability, evading digital demise. Like many things it barely exists in the very physical infrastructures of the internet. The vibrant page (singular, not a site, but composed of multiple elements) is playful, bright, celebratory, embracing vaporwave, seapunk, millennial aesthetics. Its colors evoke hope, "Memento Mori Glitch (reh.)" captures hypercolor's hyper-hopeful essence, reflecting optimism in crises, embracing the glitch.

Artwork technical info
    40 image files (39 PNGs, 1 GIF)
    733 lines of code (HTML, CSS)
    The entire website is @ 40MB