Noah Travis Phillips

Glitch Earth (39, GAN demo)

   GIF (/digital image folio), 999px2

   for /'fu:bar/ 2023

    The Earths in Glitch Earth are depictions of glitch, rather than glitch itself, with a transparent background to make the Earths an actor + event, within multiple contexts (outer space by default). We glitch the world, disturb its rhythms and forms, the glitches in the images look like storms, extreme weather, a planet in crisis. The Earth seems to invert, disintegrate, recompose, as the same prompt is recycled over and over again, through this iteration, the Earth changes scale, regards itself. It explodes into rainbows, color-shifts, chromatic aberration, witnesses its own shadow cast (thrown, glanced) upon the backdrop of glitching dark matter, cosmic static, and the influence of cosmic forces. Glitch has helped us understand our experience of a technological and mediated environment; these Earths have eyes, a self-awareness, to reflect on the situation, to view it from within and without. Glitch is a way for us to synthesize or metabolize our experience of error and disruption.

Bio: Mid-July 2023 (for FRAME)
    Noah Travis Phillips is an artist, educator, and scholar (BA, Naropa University, Fine Art and Environmental Studies; MFA, University of Denver, Emergent Digital Practices). They create adaptable and multicentered artworks about a mythic anthropocene and posthuman world by activating appropriation and digital/analog remix and collage strategies, and working with both a personal media archive and open algorithmic systems. Their work incorporates 2D / 3D digital fabrication, videos, installation, performance, and the internet. Phillips is Assistant Professor & FabLab Coordinator at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. They have exhibited extensively locally, nationally, internationally, and virtually. They live and work in Boulder, Colorado and can be found online at


A2 PNG poster 4950x7020px (37MB)