Noah Travis Phillips presents


( as part of JuiceBox Gallery, Pre-Text)

"Subscription" is an ongoing, evolving, multi-centered artwork.
Subscribers receive a unique, personalized archival museum box.
The box is fit for display on a table, bookshelf, or other display, and comes
preloaded with an initial grouping of images
curated by the artist and with the help of algorithmic assistance.
Subscribers then receive quarterly installments of images
to keep their unique private exhibition growing.
Imagery presented through "Subscription" is selected from
the artist's private archives of "made, found & modified" media.

Personalization is based on a simple questionnaire (found below).
Subscriber answers lead to a set of images from the artist's private archive.
These initial images act as a "seed" for future material(s).
Future materials are individually curated and with the help of algorithmic systems.
Funding and distributing work can be as creative as making it.

"Subscription" incorporates elements of surprise, discovery, and mystery,
while staging the artist as (postdigital) curator.

Subscription fees:
  $66 setup

You will receive an invoice shortly after filling out the questionnaire.
Please contact the artist or gallery with any questions.