Noah Travis Phillips
Landscape PDF

Noah Travis Phillips Landscape PDF (Summer 2021)

Noah Travis Phillips

Landscape is a PDF collection / digital publication of images on the theme of “landscape” and related keywords from the private media archive of Noah Travis Phillips. Phillips has been cultivating their private archive for more than two decades. A particular theme (landscape) and time (Summer 2021) is highlighted here; as the pandemic lingers and the climate crisis haunts and ravages the landscape.
 This collection is now available as a free downloadable PDF folio, an offering from/of their archive in an open-source gesture. This folio performs/acts like a cross-section of Phillips’ archive, amplifying resonances, dialogues, as it continues to grow a syntax/language. The material presented is intersubjective, autobiographical, and posthuman/anthropocene, “situated knowledge” from a private archive … the intimacy makes it situated (within internal landscapes, hidden landscapes within), it hints at narrative possibilities, before they are swallowed by the wilds again. It is an intimate revealing of meaningful spaces and places, some cinematic, others personal (solstice, birthday, anniversary cards), hopeful utopian dreamings of rewilding, as internal wilderness is rewilded, by choice and by inexorable dukha, mythic landscapes of youth (The Great Salt Lake, Antarctica, “the mountains” & so on and on ... Shambhala and Avalon, secret paradises with humans mostly absent, (heroes, hybrids, chimeras, seasons, sex(es), ruins, scars, biomes, ...

 I thought that people wanted freedom and cared about the world, I believe(d) it to be true.
What might we do? What should we do? What can we do? What will we do? What must we do?
Love her (Gaia, Earth, ecology, nature, whatever) better.

 Noah Travis Phillips