Noah Travis Phillips Light My Pyre @ Lane Meyer Projects ~ LMP PDA

Noah Travis Phillips

Light My Pyre, 2020

collage, (29) graphite drawings on paper
39 in. x 59 in.

LMP PDA (@lanemeyerprojects)

100% of $999 → Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
for original
100% of $333
for limited edition of 3 full-size prints (+ 1 A.P.)

photos courtesy John Roemer

themes = life (as rebellion) & death, other&more-than-human perspectives, nature, senses and materials, Anthropocene (as era of vengeful nature and human reflection/reinvention), rebellion as cultivating alternatives (approaches and lineages), rewilding, intimate mythologies, deep time, complexity, fear and “staying with the trouble” & etc.

each image is a species, or a kind of mark, each is also made of marks, graphic marks and conceptual marks, collages of concepts, themes, perspectives, aesthetics act as different kinds of space, and/or diverse voicings, the composition can be ‘read’ as lines of a poem, or else like a comic, you can also trace different trajectives of (inter)relationship through the composition (visually or textually). much like a circuit or even a modular synthesizer, likewise the images have been synthesized, the composition is an ecology …

hair as wind
beautiful anime Bob Dylan
teaching totem
black wolf
creature from the black lagoon
butterfly in landscape (Sandman)


hair in wind
proginoskes flying
(snow)owl hunting
rabbit with human hand shadow


rabbit with shadow shaped like human hand
clock with no hands (death on horseback)
finger above “red button”
crow flying away with human hand
… →

life & death, strength (and violence, and health. I am feeling myself aging, very aware of my physical state(s). I am thinking of mortality and striving, I am trying to celebrate what I can,

the candle burns, we (& I) have made certain choices,
The human is represented by a poet, but also a rockstar, longhair and someone in costume as a vengeful earth monster.
There are many animals, see how many you can find.

2 proginoskes
snow owl
dog (barking mouth)
2 horses

… Nature makes itself known in a number of ways: wind in hair, landscape(s), storm, pangaea ultima, pareidolia mushroom being,
The spiritual (/sublime) is represented by? – self-immolating monk (Thích Quảng Đức), and the column capital as cloud, dreamachine/cymbal, hourglass, labyrinth, mirror, death on horseback in clock with no hands,
it seems like the Elements are present: fire, earth, wind, water, metal/heart.

trying to help the Earth/planet/nature/ecology/beyond-human, &etc. Actively engaging in healing, putting your (queer) shoulder to the wheel, your body into it.